Shipping and Returns

All orders are sent First class, tracked and signed by Royal Mail and are priced on weight. Shipping prices are individually priced, with additional items increasing the shipping cost to compensate for postage weight. 

Orders placed within the British Isles should take 10-14 days. Orders placed in Europe, USA-Canada, Australia-New Zealand should take 14-20 days. Orders normally arrive within the aforementioned timelines and are provided as estimates as I source my clothing items from an external supplier.

Now when a customer is ordering more than 3 items they should contact the site admin with details of the items required (colour,size,clothing types) so that I can supply an invoice to their desired PayPal address displaying the order details and shipping amount. I display the prices on shipping as set amounts to cover postage based on the weight of items ordered through the Royal Mail, so I am covered when shipping items. Additionally, all orders are shipped tracked and signed and covered over the amount of the items ordered.

The British Isles






Australia-New Zealand:


Prices shown provide customer compensation of £50. Larger parcels sent over 3 kg to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will need to be priced dependant on weight, so customers should contact the site admin directly and an exact figure will be provided as well as proof of quote. 

Additional Ordering Information

1-2 Items: 1 kg

3-5: 3 kg

Return & Exchange Policy

If unsatisfied with an item customers must contact the site admin on the contact email address on the home page, then return the order in full within 7 days (UK) and 10 days (Outside UK) in the original packaging for a full refund or exchange. Any torn, discoloured or generally damaged items will not be reimbursed neither will items that are ordered with incorrect sizes. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform the site admin of the exact item specifications for their order.